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2019 in Book Sales on Five Continents!

I have just finished tabulating my book sales for 2019 and I have found that I have sold books in the following Countries this Year:



United Kingdom


United States




What is astounding about that is that God has allowed me, a virtual unknown to reach people with Godly and Christian Teachings in all these Nations, which if you look closely; covers the following Continents:

North America

South America




That means I was privileged to reach FIVE continents for My Lord Jesus with the Gospel! I praise God for this opportunity and please pray that I will reach even more people in the coming year 2020!

If you would like to purchase one of my over 100 titles for your Nook or Kindle, most of them are only 99cents, making them affordable to almost everyone, and my Paperbacks are the lowest price my publisher will allow! Go to HTTP:\\ and type in M. E. Rosson in the search and you will find all my titles, or go to Barnes and Noble website and type in M. E. Rosson and you will find all my nook books there! If you cannot afford to buy a book and want one, if you will contact me with your name and address and tell me which book you want, I will mail it to you free of Charge! May God Bless all of you in the coming Year of 2020 and I hope to see you at Eastview Baptist Church to worship with us!

Pastor M. E. (Mark) Rosson

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