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  • M. E. Rosson

Easter is Coming!

Matthew 28:7

And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

Most of us are very concerned about the current crisis we are all facing together. Most Churches are shut down and people are worshiping as best they can. We have all shopped and been surprised to see meats, water, and especially Toilet Paper missing which highlights the fear that men are going through.

The Disciples had just seen the greatest man they ever knew, Railroaded in a fake trial, Beaten with a whip until within an inch of life, Nailed to a Roman Cross and die!...There are no words to convey what they must have been feeling at that time. All hope and optimism for the future was dashed, but they had forgotten the three times or more that Jesus had told them He would die, but that three days later, He would rise from the dead.

Whether they just did not want to hear it, so they did not listen or whether or not they truly did not believe that anyone could rise Himself from the dead, we may never know, but now, they are hunkered down in their homes, listening for every sound awaiting the Soldiers to come and drag them away too!

So the Angel told the women, go, quickly and tell the disciples that Jesus was alive and well!

My friends I know you are all sitting in your homes and hunkered down, with some of you going over inventories of supplies and wondering if you have enough to last a whole month? You fearfully watch the news and hear that in the next two weeks, over 100,000 thousand people could die and maybe it could be you or somebody you love! My friends, Easter is coming! We will rise from this disaster and we will, the help of the Holy Spirit, be even stronger as Christians and as a Church! Pray for the sick, and keep your faith strong and remember, no matter what day we are allowed to return to Church to worship, we Will celebrate Easter! Jesus Christ has risen from the Dead! Easter is coming and like our Lord Jesus, we will soon see Eastview rising as well! I will be calling for prayer time to each and every family I have a number for this week and may God keep you until we meet again! Remember, Easter is Coming!

Love you all,

Pastor M. E. Rosson

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