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  • M. E. Rosson

So what are the Real COVID-19 Numbers?

One year ago today, my wife, son and I contacted what we found out later was COVID-19. I was very sick with fever and fatigue, my wife less so and my son about the same. I was weak for a couple of weeks afterwards and it was only in July that I was able to take an anti-body test to confirm what the Doctors called in January, an unknown virus. I work at a Hospital and of course we have not stopped meeting except for one week, then a month outside on Radio in the Parking Lot and then we have been back to normal services since June. I have lost several friends to this virus and I don't want you to forget, Tommy Dye, Tom Henry and others we have lost, but I am wondering what are the real numbers now that we have had a year to combat this so-called pandemic. If you look at the Picture I have enclosed, it is from the Shelbyville Times Gazette dated January 7, 2021. The population of Bedford county is about 50,000 people. There have been 4,822 cases reported as of the 6th of January. That means that roughly 1 out of 10 people living in Bedford County have contracted Covid-19. Less than 10% of you have caught it. While even one death is a tragedy, there have been 74 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Bedford County, That comes to 1.5 percent which is roughly double normal flu mortality although there have been years that matched or exceeded that. According News 5, the statewide mortality rate is about 1% which means that Bedford county is on the higher side of the statistics, but remember, that 1.5% is between 1 to 2 people for every 100. The mortality rate compared to the whole population of Bedford County is 0.15%.

So what am I saying? Any loss is tragic and we have all been touched by loss in one way or another this past year, but we must now allow sensational stories, rumors and one-sided statistics to alarm us as a Church into staying home and hunkering down as if there is nuclear fallout among us.

If we are to continue as a Church, let the word go forth throughout the county, that Eastview Baptist Church will continue to meet as before, we will not stay home, we will not be afraid, we will put of our Faith and Trust in God to determine our destiny in this life!

It is a New Year! Time to come back to Church, but if you are weakened by sickness, or have illness other than COVID-19, you can sit in the parking lot and listen to our services on 87.9. But if you are healthy, come home and join our body of Christ this Sunday as we worship together. We still have some that are quarantined or recovering and we pray for speedy recoveries for them, but if you are well, then make it Well with your Soul this Sunday and lets fill the House of God!

I love and pray for each of you daily,

Pastor M. E. Rosson

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