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  • M. E. Rosson

Steps to Peace With God

Why would two disciples find an empty tomb and be so sad and depressed as they walked almost 7 1/2 miles home, that when they meet Jesus, they don't even know who He is, even though they had followed Him and His teachings? Today we see the Empty Tomb as a symbol of Hope, that Jesus is Alive! But most of the disciples saw it as yet another frustrating puzzle in their Quest to find Peace.

This Past Sunday in a pouring rain, many members of Eastview Baptist Church listened to a message of Hope and Peace while the Lightning and Thunder rolled and the Rain made so much noise that it threatened to drowned out the sound of My voice, and yet, the Word of God came through!

This Coming Sunday, April 19th, You have a Chance to come and hear about the Life of Jesus after the tomb and before the Resurrection! We will be shooting to have a FM radio transmitter, but if that does not happen, we will have a larger and louder sound system and please, all of us should pray for better weather, although it seemed as if the Gates of Hell attempted to stop us this past Sunday!

Come and Hear how you can find the true steps to Peace with God, Sunday, 10:30AM!

See you There or in the Air!

Pastor M. E. Rosson

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