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  • M. E. Rosson

Summer Sermon Series begins Sunday June 6th!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The Summer Sermon Series begins this week! Abraham will show you that numbers and resources are not as important as having God on your side! He will defeat the armies of four Kings and we will meet the mysterious Melchisedec! Don't Miss this coming Sunday and don't miss a wonderful series of three messages! It will be starting Sunday June 13 Part 1 will introduce Joseph who was a Dreamer who always told the truth! We will find out His Father loved him best and that his brothers absolutely hated him for this seeming favoritism! This Series is all about Great Victory, but when you hear part one, it seems that Joseph is losing. Sometimes God gives the Victory by putting us into places and situations where we think we have lost it all, but you will see that Joseph kept his faith and hope and trust in God and was finally able to get the ultimate victory over his own circumstances and also to save his entire Family!

What a wonderful Memorial day we had! A special shout out to Emma for her marvelous Flute rendition of the National anthem. When it was all said and done, many tears were shed as we remembered those we had lost, but hope was restored when we all remembered Jesus with Communion!

Hope to see all of you this Wednesday as we continue the Commandments of Christ and don't miss a a single Sunday of our Summer Sermon Series on Great Victory!

It is my Joy to be your Pastor!

M. E. Rosson

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