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  • M. E. Rosson

What was the greatest gift that Jesus could give His Mom?

Can you imagine poor Mary, who like every Mom, loves her son and what mother wouldn't love Jesus! She sees Him humiliated, beaten, stripped and then crucified. She is there when Jesus tells John to take his mother home and yet, she stays and even sees her own son buried in the tomb! This Sunday as we conclude our series of the Resurrected Lord before His ascension, we have a special Mother's day Message about what it would mean to have your son come back to life! And, we have a very special gift for every Mom that comes inside or in the parking lot on Radio to worship with us! Don't Forget, we take up a very special Mother's Day Offering for the Tennessee Children's Home every Mother's day!

We had an amazing Sunday, this past week, 15 people in the parking lot and 35 inside the sanctuary! We had an offering that almost doubled our weekly budget need! God has been so good! I want to thank Lee and Dan for extra work and Lee came in Friday with a sound expert so that we could continue to simultaneously broadcast our sermon on FM radio for those who were in the Parking Lot and still have normal sound for those in person. We will make our broadcast in FM Radio 87.9 a regular ministry from now on as there will always be those who want to come to church, but they are sick or weakened and they have trouble coming in. We want to provide worship for everyone that comes and that includes drive-through bread and cakes and offerings for anyone who needs it!

Don't miss this Wednesday night as we have bible study and prayer time and we continue in the Gospel of Mark while we look at the Five Crowns for the Christian mentioned in the Bible! We will be inside, but will also offer FM radio broadcast in the Fellowship hall and in the Parking Lot, so there is no reason not to come and study and pray together!

It is my honor to be your Pastor,

Pastor Mark

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