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Why are you just Standing Around?

When Jesus decided it was time to return or ascend to Heaven, the disciples were right there watching Him go and suddenly two Angels basically said: Why are you standing around looking? Jesus will return someday just like he went! In Acts chapter one, Sunday we will explore the Power that was coming that would allow the Church to be on fire!

This past Sunday was wonderful, we took in almost 1500 dollars total for Annie Armstrong and exceeded our monthly budget for April, so a big Thank you goes out to all those who were obedient in worshiping the Lord with their Giving!

As we look forward to the month of May, there will be some changes as we attempt to slowing and safely re-open our Church for Worship. We will have AM Worship at 10:30am on Sunday and mid-week Bible Study and Prayer time on Wednesday night at 6pm. There is plenty of room to spread out in our Sanctuary, but for those who still feel vulnerable, we will broadcast on FM radio each service on 87.9 in the Parking lot and the fellowship hall. There is no reason not to come and feel safe and secure in worshiping God, whether in the pew, the fellowship hall or in your car!

We hope to be able to start up Sunday School at 9:30am on Sundays and a Choir for the Worship in June, but we will wait and see what the will of the Church and the atmosphere of the World is displaying, although ultimately, we will worship as God directs!

I hope that soon we will see many more of you together again as we Worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It is my honor to serve you as Pastor!

Pastor Mark Rosson

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